“Therefore search and see if there is not some place where you may invest your humanity.”
~Albert Schweitzer

Our message is simple: leadership is love. And it is through that message we empower voices, young and young at heart, to build a world of ‘we’ through service and Community-based action. The NorthFork Center for Servant Leadership (NorthFork) shines its light on all things related to the serving nature of leadership. This will never change. That’s because it is our belief the serving nature of leadership is at the heart of humanity. That said, we are embarking on an global project that seeks to improve the quality of life and opportunity for girls and young women everywhere — especially those who are victims to abuse, discrimination, and human trafficking.

We call our project Little Sisters. Our aim is to help girls everywhere find pathways to empowerment.

Why girls? Girls (and, by extension, women) around the globe have been suppressed for centuries. Twenty-first century girls everywhere face the horrors of hopelessness, emptiness, isolation, loneliness, ugliness, sadness, sorrow, despair, hate, exploitation, and prejudice, among others — some of which we can hardly fathom.

Too many do not live at all. Until they break free, our world cannot get better, and humanity cannot heal.

Of course, we are not alone in this work. Paul Hawken, in Blessed Unrest, writes,

“Some believe that to address meaningfully existing political and economic institutions, the movement [a collection of movements in this case] must centralize to present a viable alternative in scale. Many others would argue traditional, hierarchical forms of organization that require homogeneous agendas and goals are outmoded throughout the modern world, and that this movement [of movements] is a harbinger of change. The answer may lie in the middle.”

We at NorthFork believe the answer does indeed lie in the middle; we call it Little Sisters! It is not our intention to oversee the movement [of movements] supporting girls in crisis, only give it the platform agencies and organizations need to leverage their collective work while creating synergies with others who, together, move our world forward to a place of hope, joy, and possibility for every girl, everywhere.

Are YOU in? We hope so. Do join us, and bring a friend!

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