Wanishi (when pronounced, the i sounds like the i in it) is often spelled, waneeshee. It is a term from the Lenape (Delaware) peoples of North America. It means ‘may the way be ever beautiful for you.’

The wanishipedia© will help satisfy the need for an online, hyperlinked directory of organizations and agencies around the globe that offer support to girls everywhere who are in crisis by providing access and assistance through education, equity, and emancipation. Initially, the site will offer contact page(s) for user input. In time, the site will become a hyper-interactive platform that will help connect communities around the globe that have committed themselves to helping girls everywhere find pathways to empowerment. By connecting them, we collectively give rise to better tools and greater reach necessary to reliably leverage strengths that build synergies capable of shifting our world by offering urgently needed assistance to more girls more quickly.

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