Our Philosophy

Our Vision —

    Create a world of ‘we!’


Our Mission —

    Become the world’s connector: collecting and disseminating information, knowledge, and wisdom

    relative to the serving nature of leadership (the heart of social change)

    to empower voices so communities around the world may more effectively

    embrace and engage those around them to create the world we all seek, a peaceful world

    where everyone is entitled to hope, joy, and possibility.


Our Values —

        It’s the way we treat every aspect of life.

        It’s the way we dedicate ourselves to the indefatigable realization Leadership & Learning are         indispensable to each other.

        It’s the way we draw upon our strengths.

        It’s the way we behave.

    Fair Play
        It’s the way we approach every touchpoint.

        It’s the way we apply strategic intuition and creativity to shape an uncertain destiny.

        It’s the way we inscribe our work.

        It’s the way we expand our capacity for greatness.

        It’s the way we generously season everything we do.

        It’s the way we embrace leading and following.

        It’s the way we color our work.

        It’s the way to our future.

Together, these values serve us as a guidepost; a quiet force that defines our character and builds a strong foundation for a life of ethical integrity, moral uprightness, and the good courage Joshua speaks to in the ancient Hebrew texts. To borrow a phrase from President Obama, these values are the “source of our confidence—the knowledge that God calls on us to shape an uncertain destiny.”

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