About Us

Welcome. We’re delighted you are here! Do join us as, together, we set out to “Build a world of ‘we’ through love and service.”

You see, NorthFork IS about leadership. But it’s way more than that! It’s about life and learning, and it’s about love. It’s about people having the good courage to do what’s right. It’s about compassion. It’s about you and me in a world of ‘we.’ It’s about rediscovering how, together, we can empower Collective Voices to change the world.

NorthFork is committed to uniquely positioning itself as the world’s first stop for awareness and resources that create and enable the expression of community, an expression of people helping people advance noble causes for peace and freedom in every corner of the globe. With your help, we can blaze a trail in leadership awareness for the 21st century. Not an awareness one obtains reading a passing billboard; instead, an awareness that penetrates our being and permeates our lives. Ours is an awareness that finds its way into the hearts of leaders, young and old alike, busy with the pressing business of building community through love and service for the benefit of mankind. Ours is an other-centered focus that propels our work with Collective Voices to the forefront as a catalyst for encouragement, a champion for those servant hearts who diligently strive with an indefatigable spirit to address ever-pressing needs related to the most salient issues of our day: water, hunger, poverty, deforestation, loss of language and culture, climate change, conservation, human rights, and education, among others.

Friends, the world yearns for leadership — leadership that serves the highest hopes and greatest dreams of humanity. This is an exciting time for us at NorthFork as we embark on a journey to restore grace and beauty to leadership that advances humanity. By the way, there’s room for everyone! Do join us in our endeavor to cultivate servant hearts, leading with love through community-based action to create a world of ‘we’ … for us, for our children, and for our children’s children.

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