Volunteers are always welcomed with open arms! Your help and encouragement can move us forward:

  • Hi-performance Coach to advise Board of Directors and Executive Director
  • Visionary ~ Manage NorthFork’s fan page (Facebook)
  • Executive Administrator to keep Executive Director on task and out of trouble as the calendar, travel, speaking engagements, etc., begin to pick up speed
  • Fundraising professional ~ help create fundraising plan, development plan; help raise awareness and funds
  • Grant proposal writer ~ research grants, draft proposals, manage responses, etc.
  • Marketing/Branding expert ~ help create marketing plan, communications plan
  • Social media strategist ~ help create social media plan to help NorthFork gain greatest awareness
  • Graphics designer ~ help with web layout; design logos, brochures, pamphlets, and other advertising kinds of things to help get the word out, physically and virtually
  • Web designer/Content manager/Database management ~ as NorthFork grows, web content will continue to grow with us (graphics can help here, too!)
  • Acct’t/Bookkeeper (Quicken) ~ manage donations, bank account, consultant fees (income), and staff payroll
  • Public relations leader ~ help attract sponsorships from corporations that embrace servant leadership, help create partnerships with servant led organizations, etc.
  • Legal advisor ~ taxes (990s), do’s and don’ts for ning platforms (young and emerging site in particular (privacy, etc)), gifts, endowments, property management, etc.
  • Development officer ~ help obtain endowments, trusts, donors (e.g., Founder’s Circle), etc.
  • Strategic planner ~ help create strategic flow and touchpoints necessary to help our slumbering giant wake and take her first steps!
  • Proof reader/Copy editor ~ simple but time-consuming task … read every line on NorthFork’s website, NING platforms, etc. Tell us what you think; recommend improvements.
  • Curriculum developer/advisor ~ help NorthFork develop 100-series curriculum (college freshman level) generously seasoned with servant leadership and easily packaged as modules
  • Ghost writer ~ everything about NorthFork is suitable for publication (i.e., books, articles, blog posts, tweets) … need help publishing the work of NorthFork with proceeds coming back to the Center
  • Desktop publisher ~ see note above
  • Talent orchestration ~ someone to help NorthFork stay within the bounds of acceptable HR/human capital practices; NorthFork will be on the edge setting new benchmarks in this arena! Help us write “adventure descriptions” for faculty and other key team members (these will not be run of the mill job descriptions)

  • ~!~!~!~

    I hope this list of opportunities not only gives you a good idea of the breadth of help NorthFork needs, but also provides the perfect segue for you to make a positive, lasting contribution to the future of our young and emerging leaders! We appreciate you and any help you can offer!

    To that end, please take a few minutes to tell us a bit about yourself and how you can best help. We’ll get back with you just as soon as we can. Of course, if you’re anxious to get started, please send an email to our founder, Dr Jack King, at jack[at]servanthearts.com. You can send him a DM on Twitter, too! @DrJackKing

    Please include in your email basic contact details such as your name (first, last), address (at least city/state, or country), email, and phone number.

    It would help immensely for you to give us an idea of how you can best help. Do you like going to events and/or talking with people? Are you a photographer or videographer? Perhaps you love to produce films! Or, just maybe, you’re an awesome writer! Do you want to start a local Servant Leader community in your city, town, school, organization, or workplace? Are you good at inspiring others to join our quest to nurture servant hearts? Do you have an awesome idea we should discuss? Let us know where your strengths lie (or where you would love to get more involved so you can learn more), and how much time you can commit. There are many ways you can help NorthFork, and most can be accomplished from the comfort of your home!

    We’d love to hear from you! If you live in/near central Virginia, we’d love to see you!

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