Society of Servant Hearts

“Leadership is first a matter of the heart”

~Ken Blanchard

Become a member of NorthFork’s Society of Servant Hearts , a network of friends who see the immense value of cultivating a servant’s heart as the basis for a lasting and effective way to prepare men and women for lives of public service, cultural influence, advocacy, and civic leadership. With an annual contribution of $100 or more, YOU become a key benefactor helping to ensure NorthFork imbues leaders, young and old, with a humble spirit and the good courage to lead with the heart of a servant.

As a Society member, you are a vital member of our NorthFork team, a champion helping us spread the word about servant leadership and recruiting others to be a part of something that is truly special, an organization devoted to the pursuit of excellence by acknowledging effective leadership starts on the inside with the heart of a servant.

Please contact Dr Jack King by phone at (434) 964-3610, DM on Twitter @DrJackKing, or by email at if you’d like to learn more about NorthFork’s Society of Servant Hearts, or how your generous giving will make a difference in our world.


NorthForkCenter for Servant Leadership is a qualified charitable institution and contributions to NorthFork are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

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