Week of 23 June, 2013:
• Reading Thich Nhat Hanh’s True Love: A Practice for Awakening the Heart
• Met with Margie Sargent and Joyce Allen. We share many common interests. Joyce and I will meet often and talk about her potential role on NorthFork board and/or Little Sisters Clapham Circle.
• Researching and preparing application for fellowship with Virginia Foundation for the Humanities (VFH).
• Working with Margie Sargent and the Foundation for American Heritage Voices to gain a better understanding locally (Charlottesville, Virginia) of what lies in store for Little Sisters.
• Numerous FB posts.
• Scores of petitions.

Week of 16 June, 2013:
• Reached out to local entrepreneurial leader, Toan Nguyen, seeking much needed, timely, responsive, expert, pro bono assistance (perhaps from school of business) to help us rework/create a new and improved business plan, revise bylaws, review of nonprofit’s reimagined vision, mission, goals, and principles, review and critique of website, creation of a responsive, framework for hands on board of directors, and the layout (including budget estimates) for the several global projects (including help crafting a successful grant proposal(s)). Advised to explore University Intern Program under leadership of Karen Faver.
• As we strive to serve girls everywhere living in the dark recesses of our world, places they did not choose for themselves, it is becoming clear to me our efforts to get those girls away from the horrors they face is only the first step; we also have to help them find pathways to empowerment, help them help our world heal. I have asked James Strock, a great friend and author of Serve To Lead, to help me come to a better understanding of what those empowered (aka, leadership) roles might look like … and how we can get girls (young women) in them. After all, our world is in shift, from patrilineal to matrilineal. Why not help her?!
• Margie Sargent introduced me to Joyce Allen; we meet Sunday to see how our interests and resources overlap
• Reading Sarah Ruth van Gelder’s Saying Yes! Conversations on a World That Works for All. Particularly struck by Paul Hawken’s insights on corporate futures relative to a NGO’s willingness to resist status quo and/or ‘create new structures, patterns, and means.’ Around the world, Paul reminds us, ‘organizations are creating conventions, delegations, lists of principles, and frameworks that are remarkably in accord. … Never before have independent groups from around the world derived frameworks of knowledge that are utterly consonant and in agreement. It is not that they are the same; it is that they do not conflict. … As external conditions continue to change and worsen socially, environmentally, and politically, [these organizations] increase, deepen, and multiply. Some day these dots are going to be connected.
• Thomas Harper call to discuss NorthFork (and Little Sisters) counsel scheduled for mid-July
• Kintsukuroi, speaking volumes to our work, is a Japanese art form which literally means “to repair with gold.” It is a potter’s art. When a clay bowl or vase falls to the ground and shatters, the potter gathers the pieces and artfully reassembles it using gold or silver lacquer. The result is a functional piece with elaborate veins of gold and silver holding it together, making it even more beautiful for having been broken.

Week of 9 June, 2013:
• Numerous posts to Facebook include United Nations Foundation’s article “Want to Change the World? Let Girls Lead
• Reading Sandra Brossman’s The Power of Oneness: Live the Life You Choose. One of the lessons: “Feeling that my world had ended, I completely surrendered my life to a higher spiritual power. In that moment, I learned my world, as I had known it, had ended, but only to create space for a new and far more meaningful one.”
• Suga Ray active on G+ community. Welcome! :-)
• Reached out to Thomas Harper for advice re: NorthFork (and Little Sisters) counsel. More to follow.
• Melissa Canaday, president of Omnicity, responded to my outreach. More to follow.
• Possible name change for wanishipedia: wanishiwiki
• Met Rob Vaughan, president of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, at Dr Culbertson’s lecture. Spoke briefly about Little Sisters and was invited to continue the conversation at a more convenient time.
• Visited Ann Spencer with the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities to discuss a possible fellowship and shae information about Little Sisters. ann referred me to several local people actively striving to help victims of abuse, etc., her in Charlottesville including Clare Kaplan, director of the Woman’s Resource Center.
• Attended fabulous lecture by Dr Roberta A. Culbertson on Dangerous Worlds: A Spiritual Guide to PTSD, and the subsequent discussion on surviving violence as a spiritual practice. Roberta is very interested in Little Sisters. Will ask her to speak to our group meeting in October.

Week of 2 June, 2013:
• Created a logo for wanishipedia.
• Connected with Jana Mashonee of the Lumbee tribe. Jana is a very talented, kind, and gracious lady who, in addition to singing, acting, and inspirational speaking, loves children and desires to serve them. Her first book, American Indian Story: The Adventures of Sha’kona, speaks to a young girl’s journey of self-discovery and courage. We are discussing ways to weave are work together as one.
• Watched Arianna Huffington’s commencement speech to Smith College. Would Arianna consider becoming Little Sisters’ spokeswoman? She’d be awesome!
• Devoted many hours absorbing initial challenges facing Wikimedia and, by extension, wikipedia. Took close aim at budgets, early grantmakers, ancillary projects, technology, programs, strategy, people, trustees, partners, etc. Need to reconsider name for wanishipedia. Let’s discuss.
• Catherine Darnell suggested a powerful name shift for Little Sisters: Little Sisters Rise. The Universe is at work. I responded to Catherine’s suggestion noting my own recent thoughts (for an altogether different reason) about the term, rise, and the importance of making a contribution. In the movie, Three Musketeers, King Louis says to D’Artagnan: “This world is an uncertain realm, filled with danger. Honor undermined by the pursuit of power, freedom sacrificed when the weak are oppressed by the strong. But there are those who oppose these powerful forces, who dedicate their lives to truth, honor, and freedom. Rise, D’Artagnan, and join them.” In line with Catherine’s suggestion, perhaps we could also consider ‘Little Sisters Rising.’ Your thots?
• Continue to post to our G+ community, Little Sister. Joined by Catherine Darnell and Stan Faryna.
• Spoke at length with David Loitz re: his project, Imagining Learning, and his efforts to lift the voices of young people (students) all over the country (USA). Empowerment in action.
• Inspired by Mary Phillips’ kind and persistent encouragement to press on with the creation and development of meaningful grant proposals. First draft by week’s end? We’ll see.

Week of 26 May, 2013:
• Sent email introducing Little Sisters to American Indian women leaders in Virginia: Melissa Canaday with Virginia’s American Indian Health and Wellness Summit, Chief Anne Richardson of the Rappahannock tribe, and Debora Moore with the Intertribal Women’s Circle
• The Little Sisters of Assumption responded stating their desire to hold on to their url,
• Contemplating board restructure. NorthFork needs a very strong board that appreciates the joy, hope, and possibility that rises from our work, is eager to ‘show up’ for all of the regularly scheduled board meetings (typically biannual) and takes its mandate to govern seriously, is committed to fundraising, and embraces NorthFork’s mission (not just Little Sisters). Do you know anyone who may be interested?
• Posting updates to Little Sister G+ community
• Drafting template for grant applications.
• Drafting introductory letter/email for prospective Little Sisters supporters
• Posted on the blog. Please let me encourage you to submit posts for NorthFork’s blog!
• Always signing petitions, and posting updates and words of inspiration to FB page.
• Learning to be more patient. Posted this to my FB wall: From my window, I watch trees along the Blue Ridge dance as the south-westerly wind sings for them their song. In this intimate show of oneness, I am struck by how impatient man can become, at least this man, even when it is in his best interest to wait, to see, to listen, to be and, well, to dance. The tree and the wind teach me.
• Sent a note of appreciation and encouragement to our circle noting there’s work to be done but, more importantly, there are relationships to grow.
• Reached out to Minister Reiko Jenkins with Little Sisters’ story, a copy of my book, and a request to learn more about her work. Anticipate a future conversation about how we can work together and support one another.
• Discussed reduced rates/donated services from local transportation company, esp for Dulles and Reagan National airport pickups (100+ miles away)
• Now reading Marie Wilson’s Closing the Leadership Gap: Why Women Can and Must Help Run the World
• Finished reading Managing a Nonprofit.
• Reviewed NorthFork’s Articles of Incorporation.
• Reviewed NorthFork’s bylaws. Needs reworked and updated.
• Finished reading Maestro.
• Reviewed NorthFork’s vision, mission statement, and guiding principles. Needs rewrite and update.

Week of 19 May, 2013:
• Another heartwarming conversation with Eduardo Valero about Little Sisters logo and the work that lies ahead.
• Delightful, enlightening meeting with Marjorie Sunflower Sargent. We discussed local grantmakers, the October meeting, shaman blessing, NorthFork board, the dark side, trusteeships, contacts to help with Little Sisters, and much, much more!
• Reading Roger Nierenberg’s Maestro, a leadership book praised by Warren Bennis, Bob Burg, and others. “A maestro enables people to feel ownership of the whole piece, not just their individual parts. … a great performance would happen only when the motivation sprang as much from them as from me. I learned to see my job as simply creating an environment where that could happen.”
• Reviewed Oak Foundation to learn more about current grant information/requirements for organizations working to resolve ‘Issues Affecting Women’ ~ Oak Foundation’s Issues Affecting Women Programme seeks to contribute to a world in which women have the rights, capacity, and opportunity to experience safety from violence and to enjoy their full and equal human rights.
• Reading Managing a Nonprofit: How to Write Winning Grant Proposals, Work with Boards, and Build A Successful Fundraising Program
• Numerous FB posts
• Signed numerous petitions.
• Submitted draft description for ‘The Challenges,’ ‘What we’re Doing,’ and ‘Principles’ to Little Sister G+ community
• Uploaded info pertinent to wanishipedia to Little Sister G+ community
• Uploaded ‘Top 10 “feminine” leadership qualities of the ideal leader’ to Little Sister G+ community
• Uploaded Stan Faryna’s proposed agenda/schedule for October meeting to Little Sister G+ community
• Posted to NorthFork’s blog, A Servant’s Heart

Week of 12 May, 2013:
• Promoted ‘Little Sisters’ on Twitter and FB as NorthFork’s new project to help girls everywhere find pathways to empowerment.
• Posted to NorthFork’s blog, A Servant’s Heart
• Enjoyed a fabulous skype convo with Jay Prevett Farquhar.
• Shared a wonderful phone call with Kimberly Kerr.
• Inspiring skype convo with Catherine Darnell.
Philantropia resource guide (pdf) seeks to provide an overview of concepts and strategies in international fundraising for organizations benefiting women and girls. Contents include: Introduction, Women and Philanthropy, Resources (Reports and Articles), and Sources of Funding (Networks, Foundations, Multilateral Organizations).
• In 2013 Girls for a Change is traveling across North America training thousands of girls on their health, busting myths about menstruation, and empowering teens to become social change leaders!
• NYTimes: 2009 listing of groups that specialize in supporting women in developing countries.
• Visited registry on Oprah’s site that lists organizations working to help women and girls around the world.
• Watched “A TED Talk That Might Turn Every Man Who Watches It Into A Feminist? It’s Pretty Fantastic.”

Week of 5 May, 2013:
• Signed numerous petitions.
• Felix Nater introduced me to Kimberly Kerr, founder/director of Sit At The Table, a nonprofit created “to raise awareness and promote collaborative, competent and effective gender balance on Canadian board of directors and executive C-suite, empower more qualified women to take action, and drive this message of equality and efficacy into corporate boardrooms worldwide.”
• Sent email to circle asking them to contribute to ChroNotes!
• Talked at length (via skype) with Catherine Darnell
• Routinely tagging relevant material on Facebook with #Clapham2.0
• Resent request for URL to Gary Carter, ED for Little Sisters of the Assumption Family Health Service (
• Reading The Way of Chuang Tzu. This text particularly resonated with me:
That which acts on all and meddles in none — is heaven…
The Kingly Man realizes this, hides it in his heart,
Grows boundless, wide-minded, draws all to himself.
And so he lets the gold lie hidden in the mountain,
Leaves the pearl lying in the deep.
Goods and possessions are no gain in his eyes,
He stays far from wealth and honor.
Long life is no ground for joy, nor early death for sorrow.
Success is not for him to be proud of, failure is no shame.
Had he all the world’s power he would not hold it as his own,
If he conquered everything he would not take it to himself.
His glory is in knowing that all things come together in One,
And life and death are equal.

• Some trouble getting folks into G+ community. Can we connect via email or do we need to be logged into Google?
• October meeting moved up to preceding weekend, October 11-13.
• Stan Faryna submitted a proposed agenda for October meeting. Many, many thanks!
• A number of discussions with Stan Faryna re: G+ community
• Introduced the Charlottesville Minority Business Network to my shift of focus from coaching and consulting to full press on NorthFork’s Little Sisters. Asked each network member to keep our efforts in mind and support as they have opportunity.

Week of 29 April, 2013:
• Received gracious ‘Note’ from Catherine Darnell expressing her thoughts about each of our proposed Little Sisters projects. There is a huge need for a global resource like wanishipedia. It’s critical that we connect these support services threads under one umbrella. It will be very important that we look closely at resource links to verify quality of standards and practises. Story Girls is something that has been on her heart for some time now. It is through finding ones voice, and sharing our truth that we break the prison of silence that has held us captive. This project will require patience, as it takes time to establish trust with these girls. Creating a network of big sister mentors (Where Mountain Meets the Sea) is critical! Encouraging creativity (Sister to Sister) in the healing process is something worth exploring. Journaling, music, dance, and art therapy can all provide an opportunity to express what’s inside.
• Lengthy discussion with Eduardo Valero via skype
• Invitation for Little Sister G+ community accepted by LaShawn Marston
• Reached out to Clapham2.0 group asking for their assistance with grantwriting and introductions.
• Les Haughton pointed me to the work of Eve Branson, Richard Branson’s mum. The Eve Branson Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the lives of Berber communities in the Atlas Mountains, improving living standards through healthcare, education and women’s economic empowerment. Supporting young girls in the Atlas Mountains is a huge passion of mum’s. I’m very proud of all she’s achieved from helping to spearhead initiatives including a carpet workshop and craft shop, to helping villagers benefit from vocational training and English education, which are all invaluable to securing jobs in the flourishing tourism sector.
• Receiving fabulous support from my friend, Les Haughton!
• Discussed Little Sisters with Irene Becker
• Still reading Head Start. Johnson’s administration decided up front to fore-go a pilot program and launch Head Start nationwide, seeking to immediately serve 100,000 children. The thinking: “If the nation is ever going to have any program, it has to be done right away. If we study it, it will be studied to death and it will never come to fruition.” Johnson like Shriver’s vision of Head Start. Lady Bird Johnson was also enthusiastic about the program. “The Head Start idea has such hope and challenge.” She quickly accepted Shriver’s invitation to serve as honorary chairperson of Project Head Start. Of note, first ladies do not chair small pilot projects. What does this have to do with Little Sisters? In simplest terms, who should we invite to serve as Little Sisters honorary chair? Ellen DeGeneres? Michelle Obama? Laura Bush? Oprah? [please note all Americans] Others? Does it need to be a prominent lady? What about the Dalai Lama? Nelson Mandela?
• Invitation for Little Sister G+ community accepted by Eduardo Valero
• Invitation for Little Sister G+ community accepted by Catherine Darnell
• Invitation for Little Sister G+ community accepted by Jack King
• Invitation for G+ community sent to Jack King, Catherine Darnell, Kent Rush, Eduardo Valero, LaShawn Marston
• Stan Faryna created our Little Sister G+ community. Must be invited to join this private group. To join us (mandatory for members of our clapham group), a G+ account is needed and user name must be provided to Stan Faryna so an invite can be sent. For those without a G+ account, a Gmail account is needed to get started.
• Visited the online site for The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to review their “Human Rights Funds, Grants, and Fellowships – A Practical Guide for Civil Society.”
• Spoke at length with with Felix Nater, re: Little Sisters and fundraising support.
• Drafted and delivered email to C2.0 Circle asking for their help with grant writing and fund raising, and introducing them to our Google Plus Community (Little Sisters) created to facilitate collaboration, communication, and action on a number of important projects.
• Signed more petitions through Amnesty Int’l, Change, and Avaaz, among others.
• Stan Faryna provided logo expertise and suggested model for Little Sisters logo; forwarded to Eduardo Valero.
• Sent project summaries to Suga Ray; invited him to capture his efforts for inclusion in our ChroNotes!
• Dropped by World Federation of UN Association to explore human rights grants (over 100 grant awarding agencies).
• Catherine Darnell introduced me to scores of her FB friends, many (if not all) involved in the work of awareness, advocacy, and activism.
• Signed petitions with,, and others.
• FB posts include messages of awareness, advocacy, activism, and hope related to trafficked women and girls, child abuse, freedom and healing of young girls, midwives in Somaliland, mattering, overcoming fear, Beauty, remaining silent in the face of injustice, placing responsibility where it lies (on those who violate women AND on those who let them get away with it), domestic violence, poverty, apartheid, slavery, and dignity.
• In my reading about Head Start, learned the Planning Committee, once selected had only six weeks to come up with a National level program proposal. Sargent Shriver kept a low profile, giving a pep talk but not dictating what the program should be. “No one came to the table fixed on a specific idea. Rather, there was real team spirit. One person’s suggestion would build on another’s. The result of this process came to be known as a ‘creative recombination.’ Likewise, no one element of the planning document was unique, yet when individual elements were put together, the result was extraordinary. Never before had a program with such comprehensive scope been designed for children.” A lesson for us as we prepare to come together in October.
• Learning about cloud computing from Stan Faryna.
• Margie Sunflower referred me to The center for Leadership Innovation (Maryland). Now reviewing their website. Will reach out to Irene Packer-Halsey, SVP, to discuss collaboration, grants, etc.
• Emailed Little Sisters of Assumption, asking them to consider gifting or selling the domain name,, to NorthFork Center for Servant Leadership.

Week of 22 April, 2013:
• Stan Faryna drafted a summary (with estimates) for proposed Forget Me Not online story archive service where survivors of abuse, discrimination, cultural disadvantage, and human trafficking can choose to share their stories with the world. Initial estimate in range of $7M.
• Stan Faryna drafted a summary (with estimates) for proposed Wanishi web service providing a searchable public directory of organizations that provide assistance and support to girls and young women in crisis everywhere. Provides for a highly secure mentor program. Initial estimate in range of $8M.
• The Little Sisters of Assumption is the current holder of The last update on their ‘what’s new’ page is Nov 2002 (you must click on link at bottom of page rather than sidebar links). I want to go to them, tell them what we are doing, and ask if they would give us the url.
• Asked Eduardo Valero to look over Stan’s website proposal as a baseline for the creation of a logo for Little Sisters.
• Stan Faryna crafted a summary for a fifth project: Little Sisters website. Estimate budget is $65K. “The Little Sisters Website will be the cornerstone of the brand – it must provoke trust, excitement, respect, hope, urgency, commitment and action (a poorly designed and executed website will invite insurmountable challenges to executing the mission of this noble cause). The Little Sisters Website will be an emotionally moving experience that communicates the urgency of the plight of those in darkness; the beauty and value of those in duress; the necessity of our projects and the change/hope they promise; and our gratitude and celebration of participants, sponsors and donors.
• Posted excerpt from ‘invitation’ to Facebook: “Girls (and, by extension, women) around the globe have been suppressed for centuries. Too many twenty-first century girls everywhere — including our very own backyards — face hopelessness, emptiness, isolation, loneliness, ugliness, sadness, sorrow, despair, hate, exploitation, prejudice, and horrors — some of which we can hardly fathom. Too many do not live at all. Until girls break free, humanity cannot heal.”
• Catherine Darnell confirmed via email.
• LaShawn ‘Suga Ray’ Marston confirmed via phone discussion.
• Invitation extended to Chad Sansing and Suga Ray.
• Stan Faryna’s reply: ‘You found a million dollars! W00t!’ Seems positive to me!
• Kent Rush made two exceptional suggestions (Waneeshee-pedia to wanishipedia, and integrating American Indian storytelling with Story Girls project)
• Created ChroNotes! – added to NorthFork website
• Followed official International Justice Mission twitter page (@IJM): securing rescue for victims of slavery & other violent forms of oppression.
• Sent project outlines to Kent Rush and Stan Faryna.
• Further developed four projects: wanishipedia, Story Girls, Where Mountain Meets the Sea, and Sister to Sister.
• Received email from Kent Rush with suggested projects and project names.
• Invitation to ‘a life’s work’ now ready to distribute. Recipients TBD
• Coordinated proposed names among several dedicated friends (Margie Sunflower, Stan Faryna, Mary Phillips, Kent Rush): consensus — Little Sisters
• NorthFork homepage updated to reflect narrowing of scope; now focused on helping girls everywhere find pathways to empowerment.
• Prepared grant proposal template (not yet complete)
• Kent Rush confirmed.
• Asked Mary Phillips and Stan Faryna to help me with grant proposals
• Joined Christine Miller’s LinkedIn group, Love at Work. Made two contributions (love is leadership, ubuntu).
• Eduardo Valero confirmed.
• Heavy heart. Read today of 70+ Afghan girls poisoned in their school because they want an education.
• Formally invited friends to join me in ‘a life’s work’ (Eduardo Valero, Kent Rush, Stan Faryna, Catherine Darnell, Tamara Sole)
• Margie Sunflower responded to streamlined invitation: “This is beautiful. You have achieved just the right balance and your persuasive powers are excellent. The length is good. Well done!!”
• Coordinated streamlined invitation with Stan Faryna.
• Conferred with Margie Sunflower, re: streamlined invitation to a life’s work
• Conferred via phone with Kent Rush. Discussed the name, ‘Little Sisters,’ and talked about projects
• Stan Faryna suggested a name: Little Sisters
• Ran across a quote from Sitting Bull that suggests we call ourselves ‘Warriors:’ “Warriors are not what you think of as warriors. The warrior is not someone who fights, because no one has the right to take another life. The warrior, for us, is one who sacrifices himself for the good of others. His task is to take care of the elderly, the defenseless, those who cannot provide for themselves, and above all, the children, the future of humanity.”

Week of 15 April, 2013:
• Skyped with Eduardo ‘Lalo’ Valero to discuss his AMAZING artistic talent and his commitment to ‘a life’s work.’
• Reading Head Start: The Inside Story of America’s Most successful Educational Experiment by Edward Ziglar and Susan Muenchow
• Traveled to Washington, DC, to meet with Mary Phillips, re: a life’s work, and her friend, Win Win Kyi, to discuss larger related role (matrilineal leadership and educational reformation) in Myanmar
• Met with Stan Faryna at his home, Fairfax, Virginia. Discussed use of NorthFork as nonprofit base for girl project
• Stan Faryna suggested a name: River Song
• Mailed a copy of my book, One With the People, to Kent Rush
• Read something RFK said: Thinking instead of something RFK said: “Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” Gave thot to a new name possibility: RipplesRising
• Met with Alan Cohn re: invitation to ‘a life’s work’ girl project
• Conferred with Margie Sunflower, re: project name proposal (Violet Fire) and lengthy invitation to a life’s work
• Conferred with Alan Cohn, re: invitation to a life’s work
• Exchanged emails with Kent Rush re: addressing the issue of girls’ global inequality in a direct and positive way that respects their culture by not imposing a project from the outside

Week of 8 April, 2013:
• Skyped with Eduardo ‘Lalo’ Valero (Mexico City) to discuss our partnership (Lalo & Jack books) and his progress on the cover of Where Mountain Meets the Sea.
• Reading Radical Acts of Love by Susan Skog
• Chatted with Irene Becker via phone. Kindred spirit.
• Received assistance from Chad Sansing, Margie Sunflower, and Stan Faryna on creation of invitation to ‘a life’s work’
• Posted requests for people to join me on ‘a life’s work’ to Facebook. Received verbal commitments from four people (Catherine Darnell, Chad Sansing, Eduardo Valero, Stan Faryna)
• Centered girl project concept on Clapham sect successes. Called it Clapham 2.0
• Dedicated time to name development for girl project: purple Flame, Violet Fire, Violet Fyre, etc.

Week of 1 April, 2013:
• Posted requests for people to join me on ‘a life’s work’ to Facebook. Limited response.
• Meeting with Chad Sansing.* Discussed a gnawing and nagging within that pulled me ever so closely to the life’s precipice … it asked of me, ‘what are you doing about suffering in your world?’
• Discussed a web-based ‘drop in the bucket’ with Chad Sansing — later manifested in this page, ChroNotes!
• Discussed NorthFork reorientation – universal shift underway from patrilineal to matrilineal. NorthFork follows suit with reimagined focus on women/girl leadership founded on concepts of education, equity, and emancipation.
• Formulated project outline for my own life’s work; focused on the Clapham sect that grew around William Wilberforce’s calling to eradicate the slave trade and abolish slavery across the British empire

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